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Currently our activities are concentrated in Argolida (Porto Cheli - Ermioni - Thermisia) and in South Euboea (Karystos). In these areas we build holiday homes on our plots of land.

Porto Heli - Ermioni - Thermisia:

A splendid coastal area at the south part of Argolida prefecture. In close proximity are the famous islands of Spetses, Dokos and Hydra. Blue waters, pine and olive trees are the basic elements as are the magnificent coasts and breathtaking views. A blessed land, full of intense memories, both ancient and recent.

Porto Heli is built on a protected cove with a natural harbor and constitutes a popular destination all year long because of the warm winter and the rare rainfalls. It is one of the most developed and popular tourist spots in Argolida with the summer season lasting from April to November.

Very close to Athens, two and a half hours by car through a wonderful route (180 km) or two hours by hydrofoil.

The area provides you with everything: beautiful beaches, excellent greek food in picturesque tavernas, natural activities (walking, mountain-biking, fishing e.t.c.), night life (Spetses, Hydra), sightseeing and finally it is a base for making stimulating excursions all around Peloponnese, Epidavros, Nafplio, Argos, Mycenaes e.t.c.

It is worth visiting:

- Ververonda lagoon, which accordingly to the tradition was the pirates' favorite shelter
- Elli's Tower and the ruins of Allies ancient town
- the famous Franchthi Cave across the bay of Koilada village, where findings show that it was occupied from the palaiolithic
till the middle neolithic era
- the windmills at Kranidi
- Dolines Caves of Didima
- the Avgou Monastery
- Agioi Anargiroi Monastery
- the lovely small and well hidden sandy beaches close to Chinitsa and Agios Aimilianos

Porto Heli Tavernas
Porto Heli - Ververonda Bay
Windmills - Kranidi


Karystos captures the south part of Euboea. It combines the mountain and the sea in the most balanced way, offering the opportunity for both sea and mountain activities. Swim in the long beaches, go fishing, enjoy water sports, hiking, climbing, and trekking in canyons (eg. Dimotsari). The center of the area is the historical coastal town of Karystos, surrounded by villages - centers of attraction, such as Marmari, Stira, Platanistos, Paradisi, where one can make excursions and enjoy the natural environment.

Among others, the area is well-known for its products: it has a great variety of fresh fish, meat, cheese, agricultural products and good wine.

One way to reach Karystos is by boat from Rafina Port. The journey lasts between 40 and 60 minutes and the routes are frequent. Rafina Port is 20 minutes from Athens National Aiport and 30 minutes from central Athens.

By car, without the mediation of boat, the journey lasts approximately 2 hours and gives you the chance to get familiar with Euboea.

Dimosari Canyon
Port of Karistos
Beaches in Karistos

Messenian Mani :

Mani is situated on the central peninsula of south Peloponnese. The villages of Mani still preserve the traditional architecture and a special way of living, things that make Mani a unique destination. Mani is divided between the prefectures of Laconia (Kato Mani, Mesa Mani) and Messenia (Exo Mani). Our company’s activities are concentrated in Exo Mani (Messenia) and more specifically in the villages Kardamyli, Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Dimitrios.

The abovementioned villages are 300 klm away from Athens and 260 from Patras. The nearest airport is situated in Kalamata, the capital of the Messenian prefecture, and is 45 klm away. In the area one can find the famous towers and castles of Mani, many archeological sites and Byzantine churches. Moreover the numerous caves, cobble-stone pavements and the gorges are ideal for those who love hiking. Mani is also famous for its excellent quality olive oil, the thyme honey, the olives and the aromatic herbs.
In Messenian Mani among others one should not miss the following:

- Kardamyli’s byzantine monuments, the Mourtzinou museum and Viros Gorge.
- Agios Nikolaos village with the picturesque harbor and the excellent fish-tavernas and the Milia Gorge
- Stoupa, which is a beloved tourist’s destination
- the beautiful beaches , such as Stoupa, Pantazi, Katafigi, Kolimpithra and many others for those who love explorations with their yachts or boats
- village Tseria, which is “hanging” over Viros Gorge
- the Byzantine church at Kastania village
- Many different tracks by car so that you can get familiar with Mani’s stunning scenery

Beach near Kardamili
Traditional houses
View to Stoupa
Mani-like towers